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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our motorhome hire

  • Can I drive a motorhome on a standard licence?
    Yes, all our motorhomes have a MAM (maximum authorised mass) of 3500kg or less, so you can drive on a standard UK licence. You must be between 30 and 75 and have held a full UK or EU licence for at least 2 years to meet our insurance requirements.
  • Do I need to get insurance?
    Fully comprehensive vehicle insurance is included within the price (subject to age restrictions & how many penalty points you have). Insurance does not cover personal belongings.
  • Why do you need my driver information?
    We provide insurance as part of your hire package and need to verify that you are eligible for this insurance.
  • What if I have points on my licence?
    For speeding points, in many cases we can still provide insurance, but a higher insurance excess may be required. It’s important to let us know when you book so we can check with our insurers.
  • Can I take a motorhome outside the UK?
    Yes asolutely, dont let our name confuse you! Our motorhomes are covered for use in the EU. An increased Security deposit of £1850 (usually £1250 for UK use) is required. There is also an administration fee as additional paperwork has to be provided to allow the vehicle to travel in the EU. Please ask for further details.
  • What time can I collect the motorhome?
    Our standard collection time is 10:00am on the first day of hire. If another hirer is returning the vehicle on the same day you are due to collect the collection time will be 2pm.
  • When do I need to return the motorhome?
    Our standard return time 10:00am on the final day of your hire. However, if you would like more time we can allow up to 2pm subject to availability, by prior arrangement and for an additional fee.
  • Can I leave my car with you?
    Free onsite parking is available. Car parking is at the owners risk and subject to availability.
  • What ID do I need when I collect?
    All drivers must be present when you collect and bring their original photo driving licence (for non-photos licences, another form of photo ID is also required). You will also need 2 separate forms of proof of address. You will also need to have obtained the DVLA code from the DVLA website to enable us to verify your driving licence(s) Please visit
  • Do the motorhomes have a toilet and shower?
    Yes, all our motorhomes have a washroom with a toilet, sink and shower
  • Does the motorhome have a kitchen?
    Yes, all our motorhomes have kitchen areas, please look at the individual motorhome descriptions for details of appliances.
  • Does the motorhome have a bike rack?
    Yes, all our models have bike racks that will take 4 standard sized bikes. If you intend to take bikes please let us know in advance so we can ensure the correct fittings are supplied
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Our motorhomes are well equipped but don’t include bedding and towels, so please bring these with you. We can provide an inventory list on request if you would like to know what comes with the vehicle you are hiring
  • How long is the motorhome?
    As our motorhomes are all different they vary in length. You can find the details for the motorhome you are hiring in the ‘our motorhomes’ pages of our website
  • What is the security deposit?
    The security deposit is set by our insurers Allianz Insurance PLC and is compulsary. The deposit is based on drivers having no more than 3 penalty points (SP30) and no insurance claims within the last 5 years. We can still insure people who may have more points etc but this may be subject to a higher insurance deposit being imposed by Allianz. The standard deposits are as follows: £1,500 for ALL Vehicles (UK use only, Drivers aged 25-75). £1,850 for ALL Vehicles (UK use only, Drivers aged 76-79). £1,850 for ALL Vehicles (European use, All Drivers) This amount is taken on collection of the motorhome from us and is returned to you usually within 72 hours of your return but we reserve the right to keep it longer if any damage has been caused. If the vehicle or any items are damaged or items are missing the cost of replacment will be deducted from the deposit. Please contact us for further information prior to booking.
  • Do I need to clean the motorhome?
    Motorhomes should be returned clean internally. We will apply a cleaning charge if necessary. You dont need to wash the exterior. Also, please make sure you have emptied the toilet cassette and waste tank. Failure to undertake this will incur penalty charges as per our terms and conditions.
  • Do I need a pitch with electric hook up?
    All our motorhomes have a ‘leisure battery’ which can run the electrical systems, typically for 1 or 2 nights without ‘hooking up’ to an electricity supply, all of our vehicles also have solar power. How long it lasts will depend on how much you use electrical appliances and lights. The leisure battery also gets recharged as you drive.
  • Do I need a pitch with water?
    All our motorhomes have on-board water and waste tanks so this isn’t essential. Just remember to fill the water tank when you arrive on site.
  • Is there gas in the motorhome?
    All our motorhomes have Calor gas (propane) bottles to run the gas appliances.
  • Will there be fuel in the motorhome?
    We operate a full-to-full fuel policy; the motorhome will be supplied with a full tank of fuel, please return it full. Failure to undertake this will incur penalty charges as per our terms and conditions.
  • What is your mileage allowance?
    Mileage is unlimited for UK use. For vehicles being taken into Europe we have a mileage limit of 1050 miles per week (works out at 150 per day). This is calculated on your return and we allow 200 miles for driving within the UK to get to and from ports or train terminals which will not be included in the mileage calculation. There is an excess mileage charge of 50p per mile over this. We do offer an unlimited mileage pack for £175 extra per week. This can be added as an extra at point of booking.
  • How old are your vehicles?
    We regularly update our vehicles to ensure we are offering high quality at all times. Our vehicles will never be more than 3 years old and in most cases will be a lot newer.
  • Do you hire all year round?
    Yes we are open all year and our vehicles are available to hire 365 days a year.
  • What happens when we collect?
    On collection you will be given a full handover of the vehicle which will show you have to operate the onboard systems and shows you that they are working at the point of collection. This usually takes approximately 1 hour depending on experience and the vehicle. We also complete any final paperwork and carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle with the hirer.
  • Are pets allowed?
    We only allow dogs in our motorhomes and this is limited to 2 small or 1 medium well behaved dog. Unfortunately if your dog is not correctly house trained (no chewing or urination) you will not be able to hire a vehicle from us. Any additional cleaning will be charged and deducted from the security deposit. We ask that seats are covered to prevent damage and that dogs are crated when left unattended. Dogs are not permitted in Eva, this is a pet free vehicle!
  • Can you collect us from a Train Station or Airport?
    Absolutely! If you are wanting to travel to us from further afield this is not a problem. By prior arrangement we can collect you and your personal belongings from local airport or train station (please ask before booking tickets).
  • What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
    Full details of this can be found in our terms and conditions.
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